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I hate to say this, but my dash is too filled up. What I plan to do is unfollow everyone that I’m following, and then if you want me to follow you, leave me a message. I won’t be following nsfw blogs, so keep that in mind.

Personal Story:

So I went to my friend’s birthday party yesterday, and I was told that we were going to tell scary stories. Now, being the creepypasta enthusiast i am at my school, she told me that I was in charge of that event at the party. So I brought some creepypasta read-off videos to the party last night, and we let them play out while we had smores and whatnot. We listened to “mr. fuzzy” (which no one listened to -.-) and “Jeff the killer“‘s pasta because that’s all we had time for. And they made sure they listened to Jeff’s because that’s who I roleplay as and they know that. So like the entire time the video was playing, I was just walking around the fire pit slowly, occasionally blowing into the fire to help it burn, and whenever something important was about to happen I pointed to the speaker without making a sound. So they were all just watching me while they were listening to it, and eventually it came to the part at the party where Jeff goes on a killing rampage, and I just decided to freak them out a little bit and smile as I walked around the fire. I did that until the story ended and people started getting up, and I went to turn off the story. While I was doing that I snuck up behind the guy and slammed my hands down on his shoulders and he screAMED SO FUCKING LOUD AND IT WAS HILARIOUS. And so yeah that was a success in my books.

So uh… Yeah

Sorry that I’ve been neglecting to post lately guys! I’ve been super busy at school and whatnot and never really got the time!
I’ll try and be more on the dot from now on, but if things ever seem to peter out for a bit: don’t worry! I’ll be back up and running as soon as I can!

As far as uploads go: I’ll try and get my backlog up again, and then everything shall be wondrous!
Until then, keep your paws held high!

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